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Osteopathy is a treatment method based on identifying and treating mobility restrictions which may affect the overall structures of the human body.


Any loss of mobility of joints, muscles, ligaments or viscera can lead to a health imbalance. Osteopathy is based on the body’s ability to self-balance and a thorough knowledge of anatomy.


Through specific palpation, the practioner explores the body in search of these mobility restrictions which may alter the general health. The osteopath’s hands search, find and reharmonize the mobility-disrupted overall structures.


Osteopathy is adapted at any age:

Practioners choose the technique best suited and comfortable for each patient, according to their age, morphology and body part needing treatment. They can treat infants, children and adults as well as seniors.

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Research shows the benefits of physical activity on health. To live a longer and healthier life, it is essential to practise regular physical activity or sport.


This is why KOSS Paris 7 offers 2 types of physical activity adapted to each individual, either as a personal session or within a very small group (3 people maximum).

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)


HIIT is a fractioned training method aiming at strengthening the physical state through short sessions (30 minutes) of high intensity exercises : cardio, strength and plyometric workout.


Recent studies have shown that HIIT is actually more efficient than traditional cardiovascular training, either for health benefits of esthetical objectives.


HIIT strong points:

- Allows a more significant loss of fat body mass than with any other physical activity

- Allows a faster improvement of VO2max capacity (endurance)

- Allows a high elevation of the body’s base metabolism within 48 hours after the session.


Return-to-sport program, muscular strengthening


This kind of « physiotherapy », more sport-oriented than medically oriented, is designed to lead or bring back athletes to their best practice level.

It can be proposed to any individual wishing to start a sport activity in a healthy condition, or resume it after a more or less prolonged period, but it is also designed for injured athletes willing to recover their athletic gesture and performance before resuming competition.


Largely unknown to some, neglected by others, return-to-sport program is however a major asset and essentiel step fpr anyone wishing to resume a sport activity, especially after injury.



All studies confirm that a balanced and varied diet is a preventive factor against cancer, cardiovascular diesease, osteoporosis, obesity and high cholesterol levels.


Prevention is essential to a longer and healthier life. In a nutshell: a healthy life hygiene on a daily basis. In his treatise On Ancient Medecine, Greek philosopher Hippocrates included it in general hygiene, together with a regular practice of sport, and made it a true art of living.


This is why KOSS Paris 7 offers you, besides Personal Training, dietetics counselling and, if needed, will refer you to a nutritionist.






Dietetics are the « overall rules to follow for a balanced and healthy diet ».

These are dietary hygiene rules designed to maintain an optimal health.

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For a really thorough physiotherapy, we offer balneotherapy sessions at our detached pole at

Balnéothérapie des Grands-Augustins, within walking distance from our practice (10 minutes).


« Relaxing, supporting, softening water »


Balneotherapy is physiotherapy in water by a masso-kinesitherapist.


Lightening of the apparent body weight: water is a practical and efficient way to reduce the constraints applied to joints of fractured bones. It is indicated in post-surgery once the scar is closed and clean, but also in cases of arthrosis or other diseases requiring a lightening of body weight. As some contraindications may exist, your GP’s agreement will be required.


Heat and relaxation = suppleness. The well-being brought by heat helps quickly relaxing muscles. Your muscular stretching will be optimised and you will effortlessly gain joint amplitude.


Muscular Strengthening: Water exerts an even resistance to your movements, which is ideal to start muscular strengthening.


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Revolutionary technology: a high-frequency electric current coupled to an energy transfer (« TECAR ») which can work on all biological tissues, no matter how deep. This energy is absolutely non-invasive and stimulates the human’s body natural mechanisms. Physiotherapy is thus faster and more efficient and the patient can experience benefits in less than 20 minutes, from the first session. Physio sport paris osteo health. kiné sport paris